North East Software as a Service company, Nutshell Apps, partner with industry giant, IBM, to offer class-leading security for self-build mobile apps.

We recently announced our partnership with IBM. Together, we’re providing our clients with the most comprehensive enterprise device management solution.

By expanding our portfolio to include MaaS360, we’re addressing the rapidly growing trend of employee smartphone and tablet use in the workplace, directly supporting the Bring Your Own Device mobility trend, and our clients’ requirement to securely manage self-build mobile apps.

Alex Nichol, Nutshell’s Product Director commented:

“The biggest question for most organisations when confronting the enormous challenge of enterprise mobility, is how to build a suite of multi-platform mobile apps that deliver genuine value quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal risk.”

As Nutshell Apps are the world’s only no code mobile app development platform that allows non-technical people to build, test and deploy their own self-build mobile apps without writing a single line of code, they’ve solved the problem of “allowing business analysts, operations managers and frontline staff to solve their own mobility challenges, without bothering the IT department or burning cash on expensive developers”.

Mr Nichol continued:

For most SMEs, Nutshell’s built-in encryption and validation tools are everything they need. For larger enterprises, however, especially those in the government or healthcare sectors, security concerns extend well beyond the technology itself and into the prevention of misuse by employees.

This partnership is providing a level of security and data integrity that would fit most enterprise-level clients looking into self-build mobile apps. We are offering a single platform, through which to manage corporate-issued devices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, with a suite of tools that allow companies to control how employees use their mobile devices and how they interact with sensitive data.

Managing Director of Nutshell Apps, commented:

We’re thrilled to have partnered with IBM as we continue to help organisations of all sizes drive genuine innovation. We’re right there on the frontline, as our clients prepare for the next evolution in enterprise mobility, which an incredibly exciting place to be.

Download our product overview here, or get in touch with one of our team to find out more about self-build mobile apps and what we do here at Nutshell Apps.