Going digital could better support apprentices. Here’s how...

How can I support apprentices?

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for employers to plug critical skills gaps and fuel productivity. They also provide an excellent opportunity for the apprentice to gain real life experience in an industry of interest to them.

Business development executives play a key role in the support of apprentices, ensuring they will be a good culture fit within a company. However, managing the communication and organisation of apprenticeships can be tricky at times. For example, travel time and costs of meeting up with each individual apprentice, dealing with stacks of paperwork, and making sure employers provide a seamless onboarding and personal development process.   


Incorporating apps in apprenticeships

A way that Business Development Executives, within colleges and universities, can overcome this is by incorporating technology throughout the apprenticeship journey. Using a mobile app can generate greater levels of engagement amongst modern learners.   

The app can include relevant career assessments for the apprentice to complete, which will give Business Development Executives, and employers an insight into the apprentice’s key traits. This information is crucial in order to build a strong relationship with an apprentice, and to understand which company they will be best suited working at. 

An apprenticeship app is an effective way of replacing paper evidence with voice recordings, videos, photos and digital forms. The app can also be used as evidence of competence and to keep track of learner progress. All of this can be achieved without any internet connection, through an in-app feature called ‘offline mode’. 

Supportive company culture

It’s highly important for apprentices to have a supportive company culture, through encouraging continual learning. One thing Business Development Executives want to avoid is employers with the wrong intentions. For example, employers who might hire an apprentice as ‘cheap labour‘, providing them with an unfulfilling work experience.

An apprenticeship app could highlight these issues, as all of the learners work progress can be tracked within the app. This means that employers will be held accountable for ensuring their apprentices aren’t being forgotten about, and that they are providing high quality training and support.

Interested in an apprenticeship app?

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