Nine out of ten of us believe that hunger is a problem in the U.K, according to The Chronicle. Thousands of people rely on food banks every year, and this number is increasing rapidly. Read on to find out how you can join us in making a change and helping people desperately in need this Christmas.

The appeal we donate to has the objective of helping people in crisis around the whole country, and we believe it is important to raise awareness of the problem of household insecurity and the extent of poverty in the U.K.

At Nutshell, we are passionate about making a difference and helping people less fortunate than ourselves in our local area, and as such we make a donation to our local Gateshead Foodbank every year around Christmas.

We share their belief that no-one should go hungry. The local food bank we donated to gave out 6,580 emergency 3-day food supplies to people in crisis last year and the community donated over 1,500kg of supplies. 

Every year, we make sure that our donations can be used to make a variety of meals, and even be separated into packs to ensure that everybody who receives them can have the same nosh.

Christmas time in particular is an important period to help out a food bank with donations, even if it is buying an extra tin of food to drop into a donation bin during the weekly shop.

The Nutshell team banded together and each donated a small amount of money, which was not a lot to us, but would mean the world to someone in need.

Once the money was collected, we made a trip to the supermarket and carefully selected items with meals and food bank needs in mind. Stocked up on all kinds of tinned and long life items, as well as food such as pasta, rice, and biscuits, we made sure that we had food that could easily be set up into food parcels.

By using #foodbankfriday across our social media accounts, we hope to raise awareness of the circumstances of these people, and spreading the word to people in the local area who want to help alongside us.

If you want to get involved, there are many ways to do it. You can use donation bins at most supermarket checkout areas, donate to your local food bank in person, or even pool donations like we did, in order to purchase a bulk of items.

Make sure to check your local food bank’s social media page or website, as many will post items that they are either low-on or have too much of.

You can also use this link for more information on how to get involved: