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 A Dive into Future-Ready Integrations, Components, and Build Improvements 

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying updated is crucial for business sustainability. Nutshell Apps, an innovator in no-code application development, is preparing for the upcoming year by introducing improvements and features that are set to enrich operational efficiency, escalate productivity, and ensure engaging user experiences.

This blog post explores the enhancements slated for Nutshell Apps’ 2024 roadmap. We’re focusing on how our enhanced integrations, new components, and refined build processes can revamp your business workflows.

1. Seamless Integrations for Enhanced Microsoft Ecosystem Compatibility

1.1 Embedded Power BI Reports 

Set to be released this month, Nutshell Apps is introducing embedded Power BI reports directly within Nutshell desktop applications. This is a game-changer for enterprise clients who need in-context insights. Now, alongside their working data, users can interact with Power BI reports, ensuring informed decision-making without the need to toggle between applications. 

1.2 Active Directory 

Acknowledging client feedback, we’re integrating Single Sign-On with Azure Active Directory starting in Q1 of 2024. Users can log into Nutshell using their Office365 accounts while we maintain support for Nutshell-native accounts in tandem, accommodating businesses that utilize both internal teams and a network of external contractors.

1.3 Plug n’ Play Connectors 

Enhancing our suite of connectors, including SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Power BI, we are introducing connections to widely-used applications like MS Excel Online. These integrations ensure that Nutshell Apps fits into your existing Microsoft environment effortlessly, akin to MS Power Apps but with our unique ease-of-use and adaptability.

2. Upcoming Components Enhancing User Experience

2.1 Calendar & Timeline Components 

Nutshell Apps will release components for displaying information on dynamic calendars and timelines, crucial for tasks such as fatigue management and rostering, which will bolster scheduling and resource planning within apps.

2.2 Push Notifications

Our upcoming push notification feature will allow notifications to be sent from apps, aiding in communication such as reminding employees about timesheet submissions. This enhancement, while still in development, promises to refine workflow communications significantly.

2.3 Improved File Management

Building on our existing use of MS SharePoint and OneDrive for file storage, the next development phase will enable users to upload and manage files directly through their apps, with the future prospect of making these files available offline upon request.

2.4 Biometrics

For enhanced security measures, biometric authentication options will be introduced. This ensures that businesses can confirm the identities of those accessing sensitive information and comply with audit requirements, as users will validate their identity via fingerprint or facial recognition.

3. Build Process Enhancements: Bridging the Gap for Developers and Non-Developers

3.1 Streamlined Custom Component Builder

Nutshell has facilitated the creation of custom components by skilled software developers with expertise in JavaScript. We’re now refining this tool to make building custom solutions faster, simpler, and more secure for developers.

3.2 AI Code Assistant: Empowering Non-Developers

We are unveiling an AI Code Assistant that translates non-developer instructions into JavaScript code. This means that if you can describe what you need, Nutshell can create it, bridging the gap between technical possibilities and business needs.

Practical Applications and Benefits

Let’s illustrate the value of these updates with scenarios relevant to our client base:

Operational Efficiency: With Power BI integration, a rail construction manager can view live safety dashboards within their Nutshell app, adapting operations in real-time to maintain safety standards.

Verified Security: In environments where data sensitivity is paramount, biometric logins ensure that only verified personnel access crucial operational dashboards.

Tailored Solutions for Every User: Non-developers will be able to use AI Code Assistant to auto-generate custom components that extend Nutshell’s out-of-the-box capabilities, simply by telling it what they want in plain English.

Direct Communication: Site supervisors can send instant notifications through Nutshell to alert teams about approaching fatigue limits, streamlining onsite safety management.



As we advance towards 2024, Nutshell Apps reinforces its role not just as a no-code platform, but as a provider of sophisticated, tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business’s digital infrastructure. Our updates are a direct response to our customers’ needs, adding significant value and offering solutions that rival bespoke software. We’re transforming the no-code industry, one app at a time.

Prepare for a year of significant evolution with Nutshell Apps, where the focus is on practical, valuable solutions that perfectly fit your business requirements.

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