The number of businesses undergoing a digital transformation has skyrocketed over the last few years. The rate of technological advancement has been and continues to be unprecedented; businesses need to adapt to this new environment if they want to stay relevant with their customers.

Digital adoption rates have accelerated further due to the COVID pandemic; technology has provided a way for business models to be maintained and employees to communicate in a time when they’re physically more disconnected than ever; whether they’re working from home, in an office, or out on site. 

The capacity digital transformation has to create a more efficient, effective and streamlined way of running your business is boundless. The challenge is overcoming the intimidation factor of digital transformation. It can be a daunting prospect if you don’t know where to start. However, if you overcome this hurdle and plan your shift to digital in a way that is manageable, affordable and quick, the transition can be a lot more painless and the rewards of digitising can be enjoyed sooner. 

To help you to begin your digital transformation journey, we’ve put together a list of the very best resources on the topic. From webinars and videos to blogs and whitepapers – we’ve got it covered.


Digital Transformation Initiative – World Economic Forum

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The best things in life are free – and this webinar launched in 2015 by the World Economic Forum is testament to this claim. It discusses the impact of digitisation on business, while also taking a high-level look at the history of digital transformation. In their own words “DIT research supports collaboration between the public and private sectors focused on ensuring that digitisation unlocks new levels of prosperity for both industry and society.”

Top Ways Digital Transformation and New Sourcing Models Will Help You Succeed in a Post-COVID-19 – Everest Group

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This is another free and easily accessible YouTube video, from the Everest Group. This video discusses the long-term effects COVID will have on the business world, and is useful for those who are facing pressure to digitise but don’t know where to start, or who may be intimidated by the prospect. It offers insight into how digital centric and newly digitised businesses have a better chance of surviving the current and post-COVID economic landscape, and advice on how businesses can better prepare themselves for the “new normal”.

Digital Transformation Webinar – Cloud9 Insight

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This video is a good all-round introduction to digital transformation. It covers everything from what digital transformation actually is, why so many businesses are choosing to undergo a digital transformation, and what the best tools and products are to begin your journey, as well as the benefits and best practices of becoming a digital workplace. 

How can inspiring technologies create new business opportunities? – IMD TransformTECH

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While this webinar is free, it does require you to complete a form with your details. However, if you are happy with that, you will receive some genuinely valuable advice on digital transformation. This webinar gives an in-depth look at how adopting emerging technologies can create new and exciting business opportunities, as well as putting you a step ahead of competitors. It tackles the common fear of introducing new technology in the workplace, and provides insights and examples of how tech can have a positive impact on your business.


Unlocking Success in Digital Transformations – Mckinsey & Company

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Written by a world-renowned research firm, this blog focuses on the challenges and pitfalls many organisations face when shifting to digital. It provides 21 best practices to consider when undergoing digital transformation, as well as common mistakes for you to learn from, giving you the best chance of success on your digital transformation journey.

The 4 Types of Digital Transformation – Andrew Annacone

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This is a LinkedIn blog from Andrew Annacone, managing partner at TechNexus. He defines the 4 different types of digital transformation: business process, business model, domain, and cultural. This is a useful blog to read if you know your business needs to undergo digital transformation, but don’t know which method to take. It helps define the different strategies that can be deployed and which is most relevant to your business.

Digital Transformation – WiproDigital

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WiproDigital has a whole host of blogs surrounding digital transformation. They provide valuable insights for businesses who are in the planning stages of their transition and want all bases covered. Their posts range from how to build an effective digital business culture, challenges that leadership positions may face and how to overcome them, and specific tools that can be used to bring about digital change.

Digital Transformation Blog – Happiest Minds

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As Happiest Minds specialise in business digital transformations, you can be confident their blog is full of expert, first-hand insight and advice. They provide tips on how companies can leverage disruptive and emerging technology, as well as organise a digital transformation strategy. They also cover other related subjects, such as the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity.

Nutshell Blog – Nutshell Apps

Find us here:

Of course, we couldn’t forget to mention our own Nutshell blog! It provides a wealth of useful tips and advice for those looking to undertake a digital transformation. We specialise in helping sectors such as rail, construction, HR, and healthcare, to embrace technology by creating intuitive digitised processes, used to tackle the considerable admin work that usually comes along with these industries. We’ve helped businesses both large and small to massively reduce admin time, money spent, and labour time wasted by pivoting their processes to become fully digital. Our blog doesn’t only cover digital transformation – we provide industry news, expert insights, and product advice.


The Why is Easy, the How is Difficult – Cora

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Aimed at “unpicking the myths surrounding digital transformation”, this whitepaper from Cora looks in depth at strategies and examples of how businesses successfully implement a digital change. It looks at why up to 70% of digital transformations fail, and provides tips to ensure that your business succeeds where others have not.

Digital Transformation Whitepaper – Hubspot

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This whitepaper primarily focuses on the retail sector. It explores why it’s time retail took the plunge from traditional brick and mortar stores to a digital space, and how this can be achieved. It includes answers to the question – how can retail adapt to the new environment? This is a relevant read in the current climate; with traditional retail facing more challenges than ever before, the digital world is increasingly proving to be their only saving grace.

The Four Essential Pillars of Digital Transformation – Fujitsu

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Described as a “practical blueprint for going digital”, this whitepaper from Fujitsu aims to provide you with everything you need to know about digital transformation. The four pillars are listed as: Unifying the user experience, Connecting digital processes, Delivering at digital speed, and Empowering the organisation. It covers the gamble that is digital transformation, how to unify the user experience and integrate new digital solutions, as well as how to improve the odds of success.


So there you have it, 12 resources to help you begin your digitisation journey. By using the relevant advice and strategies included, the prospect of a digital transformation within your business becomes much less intimidating. 

Technology holds the key to future business success, and should be leveraged in order to stay relevant with your customers as well as run as efficiently and effectively as possible. In the current climate, we’re all being pushed to digital, and these resources should help make that shift easier.

Rail supply chain companies are embracing digital transformation to:

  • Improve safety and auditing
  • Streamline planning and delivery
  • Unify data and communication

Download our guide to embracing digital transformation in rail for insights into how digitisation helps keep frontline workers safe, and how other rail supply chain companies are approaching going digital.

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