Accelerating Digital advancements in Rail

UKRIA 2017 and the accelerating digital advancements in rail tech

UKRIA2017 Mobile Technology Award

Nutshell Apps ‘Mobile Technology’ Finalists

As the UK Rail Industry Awards 2017 is fast approaching, we’re gearing up for a showcase of impressive pioneering projects and innovative technological advancements in rail. We’re thrilled to be recognised for the work we do within the rail industry, and are proud to stand alongside the shortlisted ‘Mobile Technology’ category finalists.

Our shortlisted project highlights a suite of apps built for and with Network Rail. By tackling processes including hand/arm vibration; work permits; site safety and observation protocols, these apps will alter the efficiency and productivity of the teams and departments that use them by reducing the time spent waiting for sign-offs, time consuming interdepartmental processes and lost or damaged paperwork.

By reducing manual entry, increasing response time and reducing downtime, the introduction of mobile apps is revolutionising the way in which front-line workers do their jobs by creating safer, efficient and effective ways to work.

 Our Rail Technology Magazine article

Looking at how digital innovation is key to rail services, we joined forces with rail industry experts OnTrac Ltd to discuss digital enablement and mobile adoption in rail. You can read the full article here.

Our contribution is part of a broader discussion on mobile data, IT and software solutions, available to read in the Dec/Jan 2017 online and print Rail Technology Magazine.

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