As more organisations begin the transition from existing office environments that are traditionally laden with time consuming, paper-based processes, and towards complete digital transformation, there is an increased focus on how smartphones encourage innovation, agility and productivity among teams. As a result, there is a rapidly growing trend that sees citizen-led mobile app development becoming popular among teams across the globe.

What is citizen-led mobile app development?

The rising trend in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives and enterprise mobility strategies has facilitated a transformation in how employees are now carrying out their work. Once tied to their desks, reliant entirely on outdated legacy systems, employees are now looking towards smartphones and their subsequent apps to carry out their tasks more flexibly.

Employee demands for mobile apps is growing at an exponential rate. In fact, Gartner predicts that the demand for mobile app development will grow five times faster than a software development or IT department’s capacity to deliver it. This trend is set to continue through to 2021, which is why the trend for citizen mobile app development is something organisations can no longer ignore.

Empowering staff to become arbiters of innovation by supporting the reduction in dependence on outdated, inflexible and expensive legacy solutions – without the need for any involvement from technical or software development teams – results in faster deployment times, a lower cost of app(s) delivery and facilitates an environment of improved innovation. After all, who better to tell you what your team need from mobile apps, than the people responsible for using them?

Citizen-led mobile app development – in a Nutshell

At Nutshell, enabling citizen developers is at the heart of what we do. However, unlike other Software as a Service providers, we don’t offer a ‘low’ code approach to citizen development. We find that it is restrictive to the true potential of citizen-led mobile app development. Instead, we offer an entirely no code service, allowing employees to collaborate and communicate in a much more streamlined way; opening the door to innovation and leading to new ways of accomplishing operational goals.

The path to innovation starts with business – and employees are at the heart of this, making them the ideal facilitators of change within an organisation. By offering a no code, drag and drop app building platform, Nutshell enables users to achieve digital transformation far quicker and more productively than a platform that requires even a small amount of coding knowledge.

Nutshell apps removes the coding element of citizen led mobile app development, to make the road to innovation smoother; putting the control of mobile app development directly into the hands of the end user, resulting in a more productive and more efficient process for everyone involved.

We understand that when employees are empowered to innovate, their actions can be genuinely transformational and massively profitable. With no experience or previous skills in coding, we are seeing users maximise their potential by removing the constraints often associated with mobile app development. Citizen-led mobile app developers are a new breed of worker; non-coders responsible for facilitating positive digital change via the implementation of streamlined mobile apps that support the future of work.

If you’re a budding citizen developer, or an organisation looking to champion citizen led mobile app development, get in touch today!