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How has technology changed the way employees communicate, and is the citizen developer taking the lead on innovation for the enterprise?

We recently published a piece in the New Statesman’s Future Tech Supplement, looking at the widespread proliferation of technology and how it is has transformed the way employees communicate and collaborate. While traditional approaches to work are becoming increasingly redundant, the lines between professional and personal, as well as the lines between creator and user, continue to blur.

The advent of citizen development has given rise to a new generation of software engagement, and Nutshell allows clients to solve long-neglected problems by relinquishing the control of app development and redistributing it to their respective teams. This is evident across all types and levels of application, from simple electronic forms through to mission critical apps using real-time data. The need for easy and quick app development that reflects rapidly changing needs is imperative.

The potential for IT and the broader business to collaborate rather than layer up expectation is unparalleled. These collaborative opportunities ultimately result in better apps that are built to specification, which in turn, is proven to increase efficiency and productivity.

The most exciting role in 2017 is the role of the citizen developer, who is increasingly responsible for producing new applications that satisfy business requirement. By utilising Nutshell’s no-code platform, app development has become very easy to implement. Eased further by the collaborative nature of Nutshell, involving non-developer employees in the creation of applications and reducing the introduction of ill-fitting mobile solutions.

Involving employees in the creation of business applications and application features can also prevent shadow IT projects from forming, where IT has no knowledge of the applications being brought inside the four walls of the business. By introducing the development of applications to non-developers, the floor is open to real solutions that are discovered and implemented by those who understand these pain points.

You can read the whole article (pages 14 and 15), or visit the Newstatesman website.

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