For better or worse, the covid 19 pandemic accelerated industrial digitisation. We’re talking massive rates of digital adoption at both organisational and industry levels. And guess what? It’s not slowing down any time soon.

That isn’t to say that digitisation is something to fear! On the contrary, businesses up and down the country from the smallest SME to the most colossal corporation, are still unlocking the benefits of digitisation, and reaping the rewards of bespoke business software such as mobile apps for businesses. 

At this stage, the impact of not digitising is probably outweighing any risks. What’s more, keeping up with digital transformation is becoming crucial for businesses to run efficiently. Read more about that here.

Forget your troubles, get appy!

So where do mobile apps fit into all of this? Well as a no-code app building platform, we see daily the enormous impact a great piece of bespoke software makes to our customers. With a projected 7.49 billion mobile users worldwide by 2025, simplifying processes into a convenient platform that your workforce is probably already familiar with just makes sense.

Listed below are just a few of the benefits and features of mobile apps for businesses:

5 Benefits and Features of Mobile Apps for your Business

#1 Accessibility

Typically, information is often stored in filing cabinets or on a desktop, which can only be accessed within the office. Mobile apps remove those restrictions, enabling access to information from any location through the app.  

#2 Easy integrations

API connectors make integrations with other software and programs a piece of cake. It’s possible to unify your digital processes and ensure all your tech is communicating efficiently.

#3 GPS Location

No more inaccurate postcodes or coordinates. Mobile apps allow you to capture, track and display location data using device GPS, maps and directions

#4 Offline Capability

You can’t guarantee workers are in areas with good reception. Nutshell’s offline mode allows your apps work with or without internet connection. It’s as simple as flipping a switch! 

#5 PDF Creator

Easily auto-generate a PDF report, populated with live data, for distribution or safe keeping. No more paper filing or messy processes.

Nutshell has really improved our business, with 95% of our employees using our apps. This has meant our organisation can keep running, even when we are all out of the office.

Stas Adamovic, Business Systems Support Analyst at Systra

How Specific Industries could benefit from mobile apps

Bespoke businesses apps work best for companies and industries with a distributed workforce. We’re talking workers disseminated across various sites and locations who are required to complete forms, assessments, and calculations on the go. Digitising these processes is proven to save time and money.

Within many industries, mobile apps could be a useful tool to digitise messy paper processes and increase efficiency in data entry.

Below are the key industries that Nutshell is helping to digitise with mobile apps:


Looking at Police and Crime plans from commissioners across the UK, digitisation is a very important aspect. This is because it’s important for policing to adapt and respond to the digital environment. This ensures a reduction in crime, protecting the vulnerable and pursuing criminals wherever and whenever it happens. Reliable mobile apps can support police forces, and enable officers to work more efficiently. 


Communication is imperative in construction, but outdated manual and paper processes are diluting the planning process, and disrupting frontline reporting. A stringent health and safety protocol is imperative to running a safe and compliant construction business.  The solution is mobile apps, that can distribute project-and safety-critical information throughout an entire workforce in real-time. Apps can be accessed anywhere no matter how remote. 


Safe systems of work are at the core of every rail project, but inefficiencies in planning, briefing, and daily safety reporting is leading to inefficient and unsafe work. Network Rail-standard mobile apps help manage these mission-critical rail processes. They can be implemented instantly, and then customised to match very specific processes. What’s more, data is administrated immediately, so risks can be mitigated far quicker than ever before. 

Higher Education

Mobile apps can replace paperwork processes and streamline operations within higher education. This will reduce time spent on admin tasks, such as filling out paperwork and chasing customers. An example of this is an apprenticeship app that can be used by the student, education authority and employer. The whole apprenticeship process can be managed within the app, avoiding complicated communication and paperwork processes. Find out more by contacting Nutshell Apps.



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