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Meet Anthony Welsh, one of Nutshell’s no-code experts

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Anthony is a no-code Builder at Nutshell Apps and a third-year student studying BSc Computer Science, with an Industrial Placement at Newcastle University’s School of Computing.

“My no-code journey started without me even realising. Since starting my degree I’ve used apps such as Figma for Ui design, Miro for UX and Notion for running my life. Yet, the first time I came across it as a revolution in the world of software development was Daniel Hine’s article in Wired’s The Wired WORLD in 2022.

Thanks to engineering advances, he outlines a vision for no-code playing a vital role in giving workers the tools to automate workflows and processes themselves.

No longer are the tools of the digital revolution in the hands of those who know how to reverse a linked-list! Digital transformation projects have been accelerated by companies offering no-code and low-code solutions, building faster, cheaper software products without the need for a team of developer’s building your app natively.

That’s where Nutshell delivers a rocket boost for digital transformation. As a person who can program, I used to ridicule at the thought of no-code as a solution, but increasingly I’ve found during hackathons, team software engineer projects and my own projects, having a tool you can build a stable, dynamic app quickly in a day or weekend to test your ideas is a no-brainer. With Nutshell’s platform, you can build high-quality apps and maintain it all in one product yourself, or better yet, ask one of our friendly app builders to do it for you!
If you think about it, coding just offers an abstraction of the language spoken by the underlying machine. Your job as a developer is to turn your customer’s hopes and dreams into a reality. No-code is just that next level of abstraction and it’s getting faster, better and more user friendly all of the time.”

Q: “What is no-code?”

A: No-code is the future of software development. It is an innovative, stable and cost-effective solution for businesses and citizen developers to build reliable, working systems that can be scaled and changed at speed.

Q: “What’s the difference between low-code and no-code?”

A: There has been a common misconception that low-code and no code are simply variations of the same approach. Low-code platforms don’t attempt to replace programming fully. Rather, they lower the amount of code that must be written. You still need a developer to implement a low-code solution, and there is a bigger learning-curve for utilising these tools as a non-developer. In contrast, no-code platforms are intended to be used by non-developers and attempt to fully remove the need for coding when building apps.

Q: “What’s your favourite part about working with no-code?”

A: My favourite part about working with no-code is the speed at which a reliable, working system can be developed and deployed. I have experienced building native android applications and I’m amazed that a simple app that can take a team of 6 people 9 weeks to design, develop and deploy can be built by one person in a day using Nutshell’s platform.

Q: “What is your favourite tool within Nutshell’s no code app platform?”

A: As a developer I love to experiment with software and figure out how to do cool stuff. My favourite tool is Nutshell’s connector component. You can build great apps and easily communicate with the rest of your IT eco-system. For example, you can connect to Microsoft’s Power Bi to build powerful dashboards and visualisations using your app’s data.

Q: “What do you think makes Nutshell so unique within the no-code industry?”

A: What makes Nutshell so unique in the no-code industry is the people who work here. We’re a company based in the North East of England which has a rich engineering and industrial heritage. You have 5 world class universities and a host of excellent further education colleges all within a short distance of our Gateshead office on the River Tyne. Nutshell recruits great people and that is reflected in the service you receive and the solutions we deliver.

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