Network Rail is rolling out its P4D programme – but what is it and what will it mean for your business?

Formerly known as PDSW, the Planning for Delivery (P4D) programme will address key issues affecting frontline workers in the UK’s rail industry. The overarching aim is to reduce near misses and lost time accidents, preventing injuries and fatalities  on the railway.

The programme will give everyone involved in the planning and delivery of rail infrastructure better information, technology and the confidence to drive safer behaviours on the front line.

Key aims include:

  • Improving understanding of Standard 019 version 9
  • Delivering digital solutions so that vital planning and safety information is available at the touch of a button
  • Introducing a digital Safe Work Pack solution to help colleagues make the safest decisions for the work being planned
  • Delivering an interactive graphic of the rail network to enable improved planning and briefing of work
  • Introducing a new competence to empower and upskill those who carry out the role of Person in Charge
  • Supplying a new line blockage system to improve planning and allow more work to be carried out under signal protection

Through new technology, better information, and enhanced skills, the programme will help deliver safer workplaces for everyone working on the railway.

What does P4D mean for your business?

As part of the P4D campaign, Network Rail is going paperless, resulting in significant changes to their existing track access and Safe System of Work planning processes.

If you’re a Network Rail supplier and you want to remain competitive within the rail supply chain, you will need to go mobile too.  From timesheets an incident reporting, through to briefings and resource management, digitising paper-based processes is the key to future success.

Trackside processes are often completed using paper forms, which are not only inconvenient and time consuming, but can lead to errors as a result of double entry, inconsistent reporting formats, loss and damage of forms on site and incomplete audit trails.

Digitising these processes can help to speed up completion, hand-over and sign-off, significantly reducing the man hours spent completing paperwork. Not only this, but it will allow engineers to access accurate, real-time data relating to potential risks, with all data stored centrally so that it can be accessed at any time, from anywhere.

But digitising your business process isn’t always straight forward – off-the-shelf solutions are unlikely to offer the perfect fit for your business needs, while building native apps can be costly and time-consuming. Once the apps have been developed, there is then the issue of updates and changes.

Getting ready for P4D with Nutshell

Nutshell allows you to build your own apps that will not only help to save time and reduce costs, but also provide invaluable business insights and intelligence. The fastest and easiest way to build sophisticated business apps without writing a single line of code, we can help you go digital to save time, money, and resources, while remaining truly competitive in the Network Rail supply chain.

We have worked with a range of leading names in the rail industry, helping them take their processes digital in line with Network Rail.

Murphy, for example, urgently needed to develop three track-side apps to ensure that track access could be approved remotely, removing the need to travel between sites. With Nutshell, they were able to build and test apps for Daily Shift Reports, Access Requests, and Worksite Certifications within just a week. And, with the easy-to-use drag and drop editor, they were able to make amendments to the app themselves.

Close call reporting is another area that Network Rail is looking to take digital in the P4D campaign. We worked on a track-side close call reporting app for Siemens, helping them to build and launch four health and safety apps for their rail services team – Close Call Reporting, Close Call Approvals, Site Reporting, and Site Diary.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help your business prepare to go digital for P4D, or arrange a free, no-obligation demo of our no-code app builder today.