Tuesday 08 January, we will be carrying out mandatory upgrades to the Nutshell platform. Google have changed a permissions policy, which requires a new container app version to meet their requirements.

As more changes are made to the platform, we will be emailing client administrators via email, and updating our social channels and blog with this information.

Changes to the platform include both upgrades and improvements including:

Offline mode

Nutshell offers users an optional ‘offline-first’ approach, where user devices are required to be synchronised, in order to gather certain types of data, such as:

  • Names;
  • Images;
  • Published apps;

As well as any data necessary for apps to successfully run user-defined tables.

Note: to synchronise your device, click the ‘menu’ expansion button in the top right corner, press ‘synchronise’ and confirm your decision by selecting ‘refresh’ in the popup dialog.

Conflict resolution strategy

We have made some amendments to how the platform handles conflicts, which can occur when multiple users working offline sync their data. To enable users to do this, we have implemented a ‘last modified wins’ policy, so that upon syncing, users who last made changes to data will persist to the remote database as a priority.

This policy is in place to reduce the impact on users, by ensuring as much of their data appears in the remote database. This policy is also applied to duplicate data.

Improved reporting of failed transactions in tickets

Nutshell aims to guide the build process in a way that restricts users from hitting any potential database constraints. However, in the instance users do encounter an issue that they cannot resolve, Nutshell uses automatically generated support tickets to record these issues. These are raised under the syncing user’s account and associated with this person until it has been resolved. These tickets can be seen upon logging into Nutshell and clicking on the right-hand side of the screen.


We have improved our synchronisation policy, giving users to ability to set rules on database tables of what should be synced to devices.

What’s more, we have improved synchronisation time. Where the platform was seeing sync times of four minutes previously, we have reduced this to 30 seconds.

Other, general improvements we have made to the platform include:

  • Improved folder and app icon quality
  • Improved rendering/layout of apps
  • Database table pagination (managing data)
  • Bypass validation option for links

Alongside all of these upgrades to the platform, we had also identified some bugs and made the following improvements:

  • Slow tapping speeds on iOS
  • Improved link evaluation functionality
  • Media capture styling and general functionality
  • In-app session timeouts enforced
  • Separate container and instance sessions
  • Internet Explorer 11 fixes.

If users could synchronise through the menu on the app at midday tomorrow (Wednesday 09 January) they will have all of the new features from the update.

If you have any questions regarding the latest upgrades to the Nutshell platform, please get in touch.

Thank you,

The Nutshell team.