Over the past decade, the state of work has changed almost entirely. The widespread proliferation of technology – underpinned, largely, by the success of the smartphone – has transformed how workforces globally are completing their work tasks. As a result, traditional methods of work are becoming increasingly redundant, as the advantages of digital approaches are beginning to take shape and forming the future of work.

Noting these changes in employee predilections, industry leaders have begun to implement digital strategies to accommodate modern working. Disparate, multi-location and remote workers – as well as a sharp spike in freelance culture – has facilitated a dramatic shift in organisational priorities, which is now affecting other areas of industry too.

What is enterprise mobility?

In a nutshell (pardon the pun), enterprise mobility describes a workforce that uses mobile devices to perform work tasks, both in and out of the office – and potentially, beyond the hours of nine to five.

Enterprise mobility is becoming particularly prominent in industries where disparate, field operations, or out of office working is required.

Increasingly, outside of these environments, enterprise mobility is becoming the preferred method of working, with previous fears regarding security, network dependency and ongoing support and management costs being debunked.

Keeping employees engaged and connected, via the provision of smartphones and tablets, has successfully stimulated the development of initiatives such as, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – a concept now synonymous with the future of work and, indeed, an increase in workforce productivity.

Organisations are quickly learning that encouraging access to corporate tools and information – and making these accessible from anywhere in the world – by incorporating an enterprise mobility strategy into their digital roadmaps, is proving successful in accommodating the ever-evolving needs of the modern workforce.

Enterprise mobility strategies and the future of work

Enterprise mobility is at the core of the future of work. Digitising and streamlining processes encourages innovation, collaboration and inspires employees to be the facilitators of change in their own working environments. What’s more, companies who have already adopted a successful enterprise mobility strategy, have seen dramatic improvements in employee satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

The future of work, undoubtedly, lies in the successful implementation of a robust enterprise mobility strategy; companies that don’t adapt to a unified and digital approach to working, run the risk of becoming rapidly obsolete. The business demand for technology is only going to continue, meaning that there needs to be a readily available solution that puts organisations perpetually ahead of the digital curve.

The future of work – in a Nutshell

Our solid understanding of the successful implementation of a sound digital strategy – aligned with both business goals and employee needs – makes us confident in stating that mobile app development is vital to the future of work, because of its close ties to enterprise mobility.

A successful enterprise mobility strategy requires a robust enterprise mobility management system, and Nutshell Apps makes enterprise mobility an even easier concept. We remove what is often seen as a barrier to digital transformation. For example:

  • Cost;
  • Technical knowledge;
  • Technical ability;
  • Lack of resource;

These barriers are avoidable with Nutshell’s drag and drop app building platform. Bringing together the very essence of enterprise mobility – and its management – we champion citizen-led app development, by placing enterprise mobility into the hands of those who would ordinarily be excluded from this process: the end user.

Because Nutshell is the only zero code mobile app development platform that allows people with no technical knowledge or ability to create low-cost, streamlined apps by dragging and dropping components into the platform, we have given rise to a new generation of software engagement, and supported a whole host of companies on their enterprise mobility journeys.

One of our core aims is to empower entire workforces, by championing the automation and digitisation of existing workflows. Using the drag and drop app builder – and user-friendly interface – Nutshell doesn’t just reinforce the ideologies behind both citizen-led development and enterprise mobility, it encourages employees to take control of their digital futures.

Organisations across a growing number of industries are adopting Nutshell as their entire end-to-end mobile strategy as both an enterprise mobility app development platform and management system. By enabling our customers to create mobile apps that are quick to design and develop, as well as incredibly easy to test and launch – and at a fraction of the cost of traditional mobile app development – Nutshell doesn’t just offer software and app development as a bespoke service, it reinforces just how easy it is to access enterprise mobility and supports the future of work.