Traditional mobile app development follows a relatively linear process. A problem arises, requirements are gathered and a design for an app-based solution is created. Following that, a lot of code is written, and, after a lengthy testing period, an app is deployed. This process generally takes weeks, even months to complete. As a result, there is often a mismatch between what users expect and what is delivered.

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Ambiguity is a common pain point that organisations face when outsourcing requirements to a third-party (or even internal) app developer. Because traditional mobile app development often requires multiple programmers to work on a single mobile application, there is no individual person within the process who has a core knowledge of the original requirements, or indeed, the problems a business app is intended to solve. As a result, this approach to traditional mobile app development is often met with issues and complaints by end users.

What’s more, once the final product is delivered, there is little room to clarify expectations or rectify mistakes without incurring massive redevelopment costs. This further exasperates employee problems, because they don’t have the app they initially requested, leading to low adoption rates of the platform, once deployed.

In short, traditional app development can be a frustrating, tedious and expensive process. But, with alternatives relying on at least one member of any given team having technical knowledge and experience, what are the alternatives?

Nutshell Apps vs. traditional mobile app development

Nutshell Apps, in contrast to traditional mobile app development, eliminates barriers to enterprise mobility, by removing the ambiguity, frustrations and mismatched user expectations sometimes seen when creating and delivering mobile apps. How do we do that, you ask? Read on.

No code, drag and drop app building platform

Before now, the only real alternatives to traditional app development were ‘low code’ options. This allowed teams to create mobile app, but still required someone within this team to have a knowledge of basic code. While certainly an improvement on an ‘all code’ approach to traditional mobile app development, the barriers to digital transformation still existed.

The ideal solution to this barrier, is, thus a ‘no code’ platform – and Nutshell Apps just so happens to be the only zero code mobile app development platform that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Unlike traditional mobile app development approaches to enterprise mobility, Nutshell was created with the end user in mind. As a result, the Nutshell Apps platform is the only enterprise mobility offering that allows users with absolutely no coding skills at all, to build fully functional, streamlined, data-driven enterprise mobility apps (including database and back-end integration) without having to write a single line of code.

As a result, Nutshell Apps offers entire organisations an entirely new way to look at – and approach – mobile app development, by placing the power of digital change directly into the hands of the end user.

Digital transformation in a Nutshell

Being able to offer a no code, drag and drop app building platform allows users to take care of their own app lifecycle, from proof of concept through to ongoing management, with ease. This eliminates the mismatch between user expectations and the final product, often seen with traditional mobile app development processes. What’s more, being able to quickly prototype – otherwise known as ‘rapid mobile app development’ – not only fuels digital transformation among individual teams, but also promotes a genuine culture of autonomy when approaching new ways of working.

Nutshell allows end users to build beautifully designed and styled apps – that incorporate the unique visual identities and brand guidelines of an organisation – by dragging and dropping customisable components into the Nutshell Apps platform with ease. This also means that the same individuals can experience the look and feel of an app from the beginning of the app development process, allowing teams to collaborate and offer real-time feedback to improve the final product. This means that end-users are getting exactly what they want from a mobile app development process.

The Nutshell Apps platform takes away all of the known barriers to digital innovation and app development, enabling teams to be their own solution to their own process problems. With Nutshell, organisations across industry can reduce the cost of mobile app development massively, while digitally transforming processes within a matter of days – as opposed to weeks and months.

With Nutshell Apps, organisations are no longer bound by the expensive parameters of traditional mobile app development, and no longer have to be involved in long, frustrating development processes. What’s more, organisations no longer need to scramble to find an app development partner or entire team to fit their budget.

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