Features & Benefits

A selection of Nutshell goodies

No code whatsoever

Nutshell is the only platform that allows you to build an entire app (including database and back-end integration) without writing a single line of code.

Version control

Build as many apps as you like and publish when you’re ready, deploying test and live releases side-by-side to separate communities.


Build your app once and publish to iOS, Android and Windows – smartphone and tablet – with a single click.

Build, test, deploy

Nutshell is the only no-code platform that takes care of the whole app development lifecycle, from proof of concept to ongoing management.

Role-based access control

You decide who can access which apps, making sophisticated hand-off and approval procedures a breeze.

Custom styling

Create beautifully designed, user-friendly mobile apps, customised to fit with your organisation’s visual identity and brand guidelines.

  • One-click publishing to
  • “Android"
  • “Windows”
  • “iOS”

Drag n’ drop forms

Take your old paper forms mobile within minutes with Nutshell’s easy to use drag n’ drop form builder.

Media capture

Capture and store photographs and videos directly from a user’s camera, including control over size and compression.

GPS Location

Capture a user’s physical location using GPS, and search within for points of interest within a given radius.

Calendar integration

Automatically save important events and appointments to your end-user’s calendar.


Capture and permanently store electronic signatures quickly and easily, with the swipe of a fingertip.

Maps and directions

Plot points of interest on an interactive map, with optional directions using GPS location data.

Built-in database

Store, share and manipulate data between your apps, without the need for separate back-end products.

Complex business logic

Create sophisticated decision-making engines using simple drag n’ drop tools.

Offline mode

Capture and queue data operations when network connection fails, including automatic synchronisation.

Easy integration

Connect each of your Nutshell apps to the rest of your IT eco-system without the rocket science.


Perform mathematical operations, from basic tax calculations to sophisticated algebraic formulae.

Custom scripting

Found something Nutshell can’t do out of the box? Extend the platform by writing custom components in Javascript.


Monitor your suite of Nutshell apps from your very own dashboard, including one-click take-down.

User groups

Organise your testing and live user communities in a way that works for you with Nutshell’s user groups.

In-line help

Get help where you need it most, with Nutshell’s handy tool-tips and detailed reference guide.

Support desk

Track enquiries and suggestions from your user communities with Nutshell’s built-in support ticketing system.

Cloud or on-premise

Need absolute peace of mind? Nutshell can be deployed in the cloud, or on your own network.

Usage metrics

See how your user community are interacting with your apps, with Nutshell’s built-in analytics tools.

Your complete product overview

Build, test and deploy your own apps without writing a single line of code. With scalable architecture and enterprise level security, we’re the full end-to-end solution for your digital ecosystem.

Nutshell Apps

Create your own, feature rich, mobile apps in minutes with the Nutshell drag 'n' drop web based platform. The easy to use system allows you to build, customise and manage mobile apps without coding knowledge.