Our Story

How Nutshell came to be

Our Story

As part of OnTrac Ltd, we have been improving performance and efficiency for our clients since 2007.  We’re very familiar with the frustrations and challenges that come along with traditional app development, having worked with a wide range of organisations on projects taking months to develop for each operating system, needing many revisions due to misunderstood requirements from outsourced developers, costing tens of thousands of pounds and needing long-term support and maintenance costs, we knew there must be a better way!

Given that our background is in automating business processes and reducing costs; the arduous process that had become commonplace in the app development world went against everything we stood for.


What Happened Next

We built Nutshell as our own prototyping tool so we could quickly test and explore app ideas with our clients. As the platform evolved, we replicated an app which we had previously built for one of our largest clients. The app which had originally taken 6 weeks per platform was replicated and deployed to all platforms in just two days. Our prototypes were quickly becoming core parts of our clients’ mobility strategies.

So we launched the product as a business in its own right, and ‘Nutshell’ was born – the innovative, drag and drop app building platform that’s intuitive and 100% customisable. Our goal is to help our customers go mobile with ease, keeping their business connected and automated. We believe in empowering everyone when it comes to mobile enterprise app development, after all, the best apps are the ones that are shaped by the people who use them.

We believe in Your Apps, Your Way!

What used to take weeks now took minutes. So we launched the product as a business in its own right, so that other companies could enjoy its benefits and start building apps themselves

Nutshell Apps

Create your own, feature rich, mobile apps in minutes with the Nutshell drag 'n' drop web based platform. The easy to use system allows you to build, customise and manage mobile apps without coding knowledge.