If you haven’t yet heard the term ‘no code app development’ don’t worry! At Nutshell, we know a thing or two about enabling organisations to build enterprise apps without needing to write a single line of code.

What is no code development?

No code app development removes the barriers often seen in business when it comes to the needs, demands and issues of a team or workforce. By leveraging the power of technology to help companies innovate, without impeding existing software development or IT teams, employees can create their own solutions to their own problems. No code development empowers individuals and teams usually excluded from the app development process, by giving them the tools to innovate.

Being able to use an app development platform to create solutions to internal organisational problems, allows for continual innovation and product delivery, enabling organisations to adapt to ever-changing market needs – which in turn, ensures that organisations are constantly at the forefront of digital change.

The evolution of programming: the road to no code

Programming has changed massively since it was first invented, with Charles Babbage’s work on the Difference Engine in 1822. While immensely simplistic in comparison to today’s programming language, computers have always required a means of instructing them to do a specific task.

For example, French weaver and merchant, Joseph Marie Jaquard, who played a vital role in the development of a programmable loom. Like Babbage’s Difference Engine, it required physical motion to work. Equally, the creation of the ENTIAC coding system – to which Alan Turing loaned his expertise – followed many of the same principles of the Difference Engine, in the sense that it involved physical motion; pre-set switches and signals were needed for each new program or calculation.

While other languages appeared between then – including Jon von Neumann, whose work directly affected the path of modern programming languages – it was in 1957 that the first major programming language was invented.

Programming has advanced exponentially since then, and as a result, programmers are in increasingly high demand. With a sharp update in digital innovation and consumer demand for perpetual improvements to products and experiences – as well as increasingly digitally-led workplaces – programming is now affecting the day to day lives of us all, with regular advances being made and innovators increasingly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

As such, the demand being placed on programmers is beginning to exceed existing resource.

Collaboration is key

Linux creator, Linus Torvalds, has always been in favour of an open-source model for software development. Open-source models encourage collaboration among programming communities and serve as a temporary gap where there are shortages in programming talent.

The rise in both low and no code platforms also address this demand, offering an alternative solution to sourcing new programming talent and facilitating an environment of improved collaboration.

Low code vs no code: what’s best for your organisation?

Low code app development platforms make it possible to create apps by reducing the amount of coding needed to develop applications. While low code does shorten the time needed to create smartphone and tablet apps, this option does not alleviate the issues of backlogs and slows down innovation because a programmer or software developer is still needed in the process.

No code app development goes one step further and massively surpasses low code platform options.

Creating apps within a no code platform – like Nutshell Apps – enables teams to create apps up to ten times faster than building with traditional or low code alternatives.

Since our inception, we’ve enabled entire teams – regardless of technical skills – to get involved in the app development process. This alleviates the pressure on over-stretched departments and encourages a new wave of citizen developers to create solutions to internal organisational woes and enhances innovation within entire organisations.

No code development in a Nutshell

Our drag and drop app development platform supports organisations across a wide variety of industries, allowing them to increase productivity, enhance safety and harness the power of the smartphone into existing workflows.

Using Nutshell Apps, our customers have equipped their teams with the tools to create smartphone and tablet apps – from proof of concept, to deployment, to ongoing maintenance, without requiring them to write a single line of code or have any in depth technical knowledge.

While the platform certainly supports custom Javascript to unlock even more potential from a no code app development platform, the beauty of Nutshell means that you don’t have to use any programming language whatsoever to create secure and complex enterprise apps.

If you’re interested in finding out what all the no code fuss is about, get in touch with a member of our team today and let us support you on your digital transformation journey.