Rise of the mobile app

We’re looking at how mobile apps can improve your business

With over 220 million monthly mobile app users, it’s not surprising that mobile apps are paving the way for the future of work. One reason for their popularity is their simplicity and cost effectiveness. We have seen a rapid rise in the development of mobile apps, increasingly demonstrating their real potential, they will be based on more advanced technologies serving more advanced purposes. It is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly mobile-centric era.

Enterprises will use mobile application development platforms to develop and deploy various mobile apps across their organizations. There are tremendous opportunities that mobile apps offer, the possibilities drive businesses to develop revolutionary mobile app strategies, not recreating mobile versions of paper processes. Companies thrive when they can cut waste and work more efficiently to generate more business.

It’s the Holy Grail for successful business owners. Nutshell enables organisations to create their own, in-house developed, mobile applications. Their intuitive graphical user interface enables users with no development experience to create fully-functional applications that are cross-platform compatible. Martyn Cuthbert, Managing Director, Ontechnology commented:

“Creating cross-platform mobile apps, using traditional development techniques, can cost anywhere from £16k to £100k. We need to focus our efforts in reducing these costs dramatically to allow all sizes of companies to get the benefits of mobile technology.”

Discover how mobile apps are transforming the modern workplace with our Mobile App Infographic. If you’re looking to develop a robust, cost efficient business app, request a demo today!

nutshell-Infographic with and without mobile

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Create your own, feature rich, mobile apps in minutes with the Nutshell drag 'n' drop web based platform. The easy to use system allows you to build, customise and manage mobile apps without coding knowledge.