Office Automation

What to consider when developing an enterprise app

Nutshell helps enterprises continue to embrace mobile devices as the preferred way to engage and interact with customers, employees, and partners. We believe that mobile application platforms are a critical requirement for efficient development and deployment of back-end services for enterprise mobile applications.

Choosing the right tool not only depends on which platform offers the most features, but which one offers the features that meet your organisation’s requirements. With that in mind we’ve put together a few office automation essentials to consider when choosing your Enterprise Mobility Management system.

  • Designing operational flow:
    When you choose an office automation system, make sure that it doesn’t determine your flow of operations. It should aid you and let you design workflows that suit your office.
  • Defining access controls:
    You and your organisation need access privileges, they are critical to every operation. An office automation system that permits defining access privileges along the flow of operations is essential.
  • Setting up approval required workflows:
    Numerous processes go through cycles of approvals, it is vital to have an office automation system which allows you to create structured approval processes along the lines of your business’s operations.
  • Access anytime, anywhere:
    Cloud based office automation systems eliminate any stall in the flow of operations, meaning you can access it from anywhere at any time. If your app users are unable to connect to the internet they will continue to operate without a connection. As soon as they are reconnected the app will automatically update the data.
  • Integrate with existing solutions:
    By opting for an office automation solution that integrates with the software tools used in the organisation, you eliminate the process of manually transferring data from one system to another. You can manage your office accounts, payroll and leave management processes, all at one place.

If your organisation would like to embrace a more collaborative, digital workplace model by building your own apps, get in touch or request a demo today.

To see how a mobile app can change the way you work, have a look at our infographic.

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